About Us

Mothergood, Inc. was born after we compassionately listened to a newly pregnant friend discuss the challenges of finding a simple snack that satisfied her prenatal nutrition needs while also juggling the demands of everyday life. With a lifelong passion for healthy food, we set out to create a snack made just for her and others like her.

We were on a mission to create a wholesome snack that would energize, satisfy and nourish new moms whether they’re trying to conceive, expecting or nursing.

We first teamed up with Nutritionists and Doctors to create a formula that offers expectant and new moms important nutrients that support a healthy pregnancy and nursing.

We next got to work experimenting with batch after batch of Numa until we hit on the right balance of nutrition and taste in one crunchy snack. After road testing our recipe with hundreds of moms, Numa was finally born.

Today, we continue to bake Numa in small batches in our San Francisco Bay Area bakery to ensure each batch meets our quality standards.

We hope you enjoy Numa and welcome your feedback.

Gina and Katie
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